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Miami-Dade County Divorce Mediation Lawyer

Even if divorce is an agreed-upon solution by both parties, it can be a time of emotional and financial stress for all involved. You will need an experienced lawyer to guide you through the process and answer your questions from start to finish.

At the Law Offices of Maria-Paula C. Etienne, P.A., it is our goal to provide personal service and individual attention to our clients throughout the divorce proceeding. Our Miami-Dade County divorce mediation attorney will attempt to resolve as many disputes as possible through mediation, but if a matter must be decided in court, we have the experience you need.

Divorce can quickly become complex when children are involved. Matters such as custody, visitation and support can be hotly debated through the process of mediation or courtroom litigation. We have the skill and experience necessary to answer our clients' complex questions while guiding them toward a beneficial and efficient resolution.

Whether you are facing a contested (disputes must be resolved through the proceeding) or uncontested (both parties have resolved disputes prior to the proceeding) divorce, you are still facing a challenging situation. You are taking a single household and dividing it into two. Bills, property ownership, assets, debts and everything else about your daily life might soon become more complex. You need a strong Florida family law attorney on your side.

Let us work toward the most amicable solution possible so both parties can come out of the divorce proceeding with a satisfying compromise.

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We are proud to provide services in Spanish, French and Creole.

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